Eldad Tsabary

Eldad Tsabary is a professor of electroacoustics (Ea) at Concordia University, founder and director of the Concordia Laptop Orchestra (CLOrk), and president of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC). In the past decade, he has been the primary developer of an aural training method specialized for Ea. In recent years, he has directed CLOrk in telematic and telemetronomic performances and interdisciplinary collaborations with symphonic, chamber, jazz, and laptop orchestras, soloists, dancers, VJs, and others. Eldad organized numerous events, including Hug The World 2012 (a telematic jam session involving 23 locations), 60x60 Order of Magnitude (a music/dance/video show involving music by 600 composers), symposia including Understanding Visual Music and Concordia Live and Interactive Electroacoustic Colloquium, among others. As composer his works won prizes and mentions internationally, released on over 20 albums, and performed in hundreds of shows worldwide. Eldad received his doctorate in music education from BU.

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