Oliver Carman

Oliver is a lecturer in Music Technology at the University of Liverpool. He completed his first de- gree in Music at the University of Sheffield in 1998 and a Masters in Electroacoustic composition in 2004. He was awarded a PhD in electro-acoustic composition from the University of Manchester in 2011, where he was an active member of MANTIS (Manchester Theatre in Sound). Oliver's primary output is acousmatic; music composed in the studio and performed in the concert hall through multiple loudspeakers. He also composes mixed music for live instruments and elec- troacoustic sound as well as having research interests in sound diffusion, laptop improvisation, the visual representation of electroacoustic music and the music of Francis Dhomont. His work is regularly performed throughout the UK and internationally, and has also been recog- nised at several international competitions including; IMEB (Bourges) 2007/2008 (Prix Residence, Selection Triuvium category), International Electroacoustic Competition ``Pierre Schaeffer'' 2007 (2nd Prize), Diffusion Composition Competition 2010, Limerick (3rd Prize) and Destellos Competi- tion, Argentina 2012/2013/2014 (selection).

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