Christopher Haworth

Christopher Haworth is a postdoctoral researcher on the Music, Digitization, Mediation project at Oxford University. He has published on such topics as the legacy of lannis Xenakis' late electroacoustic music (Computer Music Journal), `extreme' computer music and Noise (Resonances: Noise and Music, Bloomsbury Press), and the history and practice of composing with `auditory distortion products' (Leonardo Music Journal). As a composer, his compositions have been performed at ICMC, SMC, Sonorities, and Quadrophonia. In 2011 he won a Shut Up and Listen! Award for his piece `Correlation Number One'. Christopher has held research fellowships at McGill University, Montreal and University of Calgary as a postdoctoral scholar in Network Music Composition. He is a board member of the International Computer Music Association, and editor of the association's journal, Array.

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