Elif Balkir

Elif Balkir is currently a Ph.D. student under-joint supervision of Marc Battier and Jacob Derkert at the Musicology Department of Paris-Sorbonne and Stockholm Universities. Her doctoral research explores a comparative study of the compositional ideas within the technological development at GRM in Paris and EMS in Stockholm from 1965 to 1980, based on Pierre Schaeffer's and Knut Wiggen's musical concepts. Born in 1986, in Istanbul, Balkir started to her musical career at the age of eleven as a pianist. Then, she continued to her musical studies at Paris-Sorbonne in Musicology in France. Besides the theoretical background, she became interested in electroacoustic music composition, sound engineering as well as musical acoustics. To this end, she has studied at Aubervilliers-La Courneuve Conservatory, which has led her to the current doctoral work. From 2013 on, she has been living in Stockholm after getting a full-time position as a Ph.D. candidate at Stockholm University. UTF8bsmi

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