Mikako Mizuno is a composer and musicologist. Graduated from Tokyo University(aesthetics) and Aichi Prefectural College of Arts and Music. Master degree for composition. Dr. of Engineering concerning the theme Space Concept in the Contemporary Music. The pieces were premiered in France(Bourges, Paris) Austria(Salzburg), Hungary(Budapest), Germany(GEDOK), Italy(International Music Festival in Venice, Alba Music Festival) Republic of Moldova(Ars Poetica), ISEA2000 and 2002, ISCM2003 and 2010, EMS2010 Changhai, Musicacoustica2010 (Beijing), ACMP2011, 2012, 2013 , WOCMAT2013 and in several cities in Japan.

Japan premiers include the concerts of : GEN-ON, JFC, JSEM. Orchestral works were premiered by Tokyo Philharmonic Orch., Central Aichi Symphonic Orch., Aichi Symphonietta and so on.

Writings were published including The History of Japanese Contemporary Music After WW II (2006), Space Concept in the Contemporary Compositions (2001).

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