Composition Thoughts under 3D Sound Spatialization

``Supported by Innovation Program of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission''

Prof. Qian Zhou, Prof. Ye Shen
Composition Department
Shanghai Conservatory of Music
20 Fenyang Road
Shanghai, 200031
P. R. China

This research focuses on the composition thoughts of Electronic Music under the 3D sound spatialisation. The paper will review the historical development of spatialisation research in music compositions, and the usage of various spatial techniques, then summarily compare the different sound - spatial possibilities provided by current electronic music techniques.

The paper will further study and analyse the principle and the organizational elements of composing music under the 3D sound environments, and speculate upon the implications of new spatial techniques upon future musical thought.

A series of music compositions in historical periods will be analysed, to present the multi-faceted nature of the topic: to discover the feelings of the human listener and their relationship to sound and spatiality. This research will investigate several sophisticated technical systems, such like LISP / CCRMA, Zirkonium / ZKM, IRCAM TOOLS, IOSONO, VBap, etc., to discuss the new possibilities for music creation.

adrian 2015-06-03