Zhang Ruibo (Mungo) is doing his doctoral research (CHEARS) with Prof. Leigh Landy under the State Scholarship Fund by China Scholarship Council (CSC) as a full-time PhD at De Montfort Univ. (DMU), Leicester UK. He also teaches electroacoustic music composition and theory at China Shenyang Conservatory of Music. He had his master's degree with Prof.Zhang Xiaofu and Kenneth Fields in China Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM). He was one of the translators for completing Chinese version of The Computer Music Tutorial (Curtis Roads) and The Study of Orchestration (Samuel Adler).

His work, New Ambush on All Sides, awarded by Beijing MUSICACOUSTICA festival 2005 and was performed at Audio Art Festival 2007, Krakow Poland; Synthese Festival 2008, Bourges France; as well as Salle Oliviere Messian, Radio France, Paris. In March 2010, his new piece Birth (Audio-Visual) was performed (World Premiere) in the Concert of Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing — Chinese Electroacoustic Music Center amongst The MTI 10th-Birthday Series at De Montfort University, Leicester UK.

His research, CHEARS (China ElectroAcoustic Resources Survey), was selected into EMS07 conference, and he presented the research at De Montfort University, Leicester UK. After this, he continues his research: CHEARS.info, and presented it at the EMS08, EMS 10 and EMS 11 conference in Paris, Shanghai and New York respectively.

As Foreign Liaison Secretary, he successfully worked in MUSICACOUSTICA-Beijing Festival since 2005, as well as EMS Conference (Electroacoustic Music Studies Network) in 2006 and 2010 at Beijing and Shanghai respectively.

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