Viviane Waschbüsch

Viviane Waschbüsch (b. 1989) is a graduate of the Paris-Sorbonne University and the Saarland University, where she received both her Maîtrise and Masters degrees in Music and Musicology. She studied with Wolfgang Rihm at the Musikhochschule Karlsruhe and received a Masters degree in composition with violin as principal instrument. She is laureate of the 2008 ``Jugend Komponiert'' in Germany as well as of the 2005 Alois Kottmann International Prize for Violin in Frankfurt. Since 2011 she worked as a lecturer at the Department of Musicology at the University of Saarland where she taught history of composition, analysis of tonal music and analysis of contemporary music. Since 2013, she studies with Prof. Marc Battier to accomplish her PhD at the Paris-Sorbonne University. At Paris-Sorbonne University she has a doctoral contract and teaches analysis and ear training.

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