Riccardo D. Wanke

Riccardo D. Wanke (Genova, IT), from 1995 active in arts (music, installations) and science (academic studies in radical chemistry), his interest includes improvised and exploratory music and it is focused on diffusion of new and contemporary art. He is particularly interested in digital and analog manipulation of sound and its application into musical compositions.

From 2013, he is PhD student in Musicology and member of CESEM (Centre of aesthetic and sociological musical studies) at the University "Nova" of Lisbon. Where he is investigating the definition of a cross-genres perspective to analyse unrelated styles of today's music.

From 2011, he is founder of the Cultural Association ``Mazagran'' and Editor of a music label to design and produce highly selected art-musical editions. He is active as composers and performer (piano, saxophone, guitars and electronics). He performed live worldwide (Portugal, France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Italy, among others) as a solo and in various ensembles. His music is published on several international labels (USA, PT, CH, IT). http://rdwmusic.com and http://orcid.org/0000-0002-5480-7905

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