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Art for Goodness(’) Sake: It’s your tea party and you can cry if you want to - Keynote Address

Leigh Landy

Leigh Landy, Music, Technology and Innovation Centre, De Montfort University, Clephan Building, Leicester LE1 9BH GB


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Abstract This keynote address takes into account the EMS2011 unusual and visionary call for participation and combines it with my well-established views regarding optimising participation and interest in innovative forms of electroacoustic music. The call speaks of addressing: “urgent questions that are germane to music and the world today”, i.e., making music relevant. These words catalysed the choice of the first part of the title: “Art for Goodness(’) Sake” which is, in the end, not only an antonym of art for art’s sake, but also an excellent point of departure for today’s and tomorrow’s electroacoustic musician. In today’s highly networked world, the notion of communities of interest in which musical experience can be shared might just be a formula for relating our art to our lives. The text below is a lightly edited transcription of this talk.

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