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Sound-based music curriculum. Finding the meaning and meaningfulness of sound

Nasia Therapontos

Nasia Therapontos, Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre


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The theme of the EMS12 Conference “Meaning and meaningfulness in electroacoustic music” can be approached from many different perspectives, but holds a special place in music education. Pedagogy of electroacoustic music is based on meaning and meaningfulness of its ideas, concepts and techniques. Educating people in the field of electroacoustic music is always about understanding and meaning, especially with young and inexperienced listeners. Being able to provide the tools for others to reach a meaningful understanding and listening experience in electroacoustic music is essential for the continuation of this sound-based art. In order for this music to reach out and attract more people, it needs to get out of its marginalization as “elite university music”. This paper focuses on my own attempt to introduce sound-based music into public schools and the expected results of such as implementation. This paper will cover a literature review of similar research in the areas of electroacoustic music and education as well as how my own research in public schools of Cyprus managed to address issues such as inclusive education.

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