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Interactions in a performance space: A changing landscape, an experience of an audiovisual installation

Simonetta Sargenti

Simonetta Sargenti, Conservatorio di Musica ‘Gioacchino Rossini’, Pesaro, Italy


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This project comes out of some reflections originated from an experience of interactive composition. The latter stemmed from the creation of background music for a project of architectural regeneration that later became an audio-visual installation with its own independent character. The musical idea was born out of the belief that the perception of a landscape doesn’t involve only the elements of visual and spatial character, but also the sound elements that compose the landscape. The soundscape is an integral part of our perception of the landscape in general. From these premises derived the idea of composing an audio-visual installation where the sounds accompanying the viewing were, in part, sounds from the landscape itself and, in part, realized through synthetic instruments and techniques. The perception of the whole depends on the interaction with the movements of those who observe and listen. This way, also the concepts of relationship between sound and image and between sound and listening space come into play. By now, technologies have been contributing for a long time to the rethinking of these relationships as well as to their use in both musical and multimedia compositions.

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