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New dimensions of musical enjoyment. The Analysis problem: Luc Ferrari through the Aesthesic-Cognitive Method

Alba Francesca Battista

Alba Francesca Battista, Conservatorio U. Giordano, Foggia – Italy adresse email :


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Electroacoustic music has led to profound reflections on sound nature, timbre and music systems. The new dimensions of musical enjoyment have meant that it is necessary the creation of new fields, very close to the musical aesthetics, enhanced by reflection on certain aspects of the composition of the last few decades. The widening of the horizon of historical studies to other civilizations and epochs far removed from ours, refinement of the instruments of investigation and research, the improvement of new methods of historical study from the late nineteenth century onwards, created strong stress to the growth of theories on the analysis of music.
The aesthesic-cognitive approach by Francesco Giomi and Marco Ligabue is a very powerful method, which allows to analyse music on the basis of perception. It starts from a series of studies on the perception of contemporary music and formalizes a set of procedures for the description and analysis of the sound text at different levels.
This paper would like to analyse an opera by Luc Ferrari, Tautologos 1, and point out some of its characteristics starting from the aesthesic-cognitive approach.

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