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Interactive Performance Systems Conceptual interacting strategies in forming electroacoustic sound identities

Georgia Kalodiki

Georgia Kalodiki, Goldsmiths College University of London


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This paper is a research study, concerning an effort to investigate the specific steps during the process of forming electroacoustic sound identities through the performer’s interaction with degrees of noisy spectrums through the use of philosophical concepts like fragmentation and abstraction. Before starting, I think is useful to clarify some aspects of the main concepts that I am willing to approach in order to create some useful tools for our discussion. When experiencing music for instrumental live and electronics with signal processing, I have the feeling that the actual part, that means the act of instrumental performing is there to ‘justify’, to remind us in a way the existence of the human element with sonic hints of virtuosic, idiomatic gestural patterns, like flute trills or pompous percussive action, showing rather a guilt attitude towards the presence and involvement of electronic means to the creative process.

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