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Tuesday 12th June 2007 09.30-18.00

‘New Protocols in Electroacoustic Music Analysis’
(This workshop is funded by an ICT-Network award)

Within the area of electroacoustic music analysis we are seeing new, highly dynamic approaches being developed using ICT that aid in the greater understanding of musical content and intention. These include: interactive analytical tools; use of multimedia/hypermedia in analysis and presentation of analytical results; documentation of non-prescriptive notated composition; the intention/reception approach - triangulation; and computational approaches to electroacoustic music analysis. This workshop will allow participants the opportunity to be have hands-on access to some of the tools being developed. A round-table discussion with the invited specialists (one or more representing each of the fields mentioned above) would be held to investigate where we think we are in terms of electroacoustic music analytical methods and where we think we should be going.

09.30 Registration for EMS07 for those attending the workshop
Location: Clephan 3.01/3.03 foyer
10.00 Invited guests introduce their ICT-based methods
Location: Clephan 3.03
- Prof. Michael Clark (Huddersfield) - interactive composition/Sybil software
- Prof. Barry Truax (Simon Fraser University) - production documentation/hypermedia publications
- Prof. Eduardo Miranda (Plymouth University) - computational analysis
Coffe break
- Yann Geslin (INA/GRM-Paris) - multimedia evocative transcription/the Acousmographe
- Dr. Pierre Couprie (MINT/Sorbonne & MTI/DMU + online publication - Musimédiane) - hypermedia publication of analytical results
- Dr. Kate Stevens (MARCS/Univ. of Western Sydney) intention/reception from a music psychology point of view - new ICT-based metrics with Prof. Leigh Landy (MTI/DMU) The Intention/Reception project
13.30 Lunch
14.30 Parallel hands-on demos of all systems
16.30 Tea
16.45 Round table discussion with participant feedback
18.15 End

Registration for this workshop will be part of the registration for the EMS07 conference.

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