Concerts decorative dots

Tuesday June 14
8:00 Greenwich House Music School, 224 West 30th St.
Terri Hron - recorder
Juan Parra Cancino, electronics

Elliott Sharp
In a Coalmine

Darren Miller
for cort lippe

Emilie LeBel
I saw the penguins' home from the highway

Jenny Olivia Johnson
Time Goes Awry (Koli, Summer 2010)

Jorrit Dijkstra

Paula Matthusen
sparrows in supermarkets

Dan Blake
First Beginning-Second Beginning

Robert Normandeau
La Huppe

Wednesday June 15
2:30 The Cell Theatre, 338 W 23rd St.
Stretched Boundaries

Concert with soloists,
members of Tintinnabulate from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
directed by Pauline Oliveros
Play the Drum ensemble
from Abilities First Inc.
directed by Leaf Miller

Play the Drum
for drums and the Adaptive Use Musical Instrument (AUMI)
improvised by students from Abilities First School
Leaf Miller - director and drummer
assisted by Jaclyn Heyen - music technologist

Binary Reality with a Delay
solo for transducers and delay pedals
composed and performed by Christine Sun Kim

Prometheus 1
for Tintinnabulate and digital painting
improvised by David Whalen, composed by Deborah Egloff

Deviations and Straight Line
video and voice with Tintinnabulate - performed and composed by Clara Tomaz

MONO prelude
for voice & laptop - composed and performed by Neil Rolnick

Thursday June 16
8:30 Greenwich House Music School, 224 West 30th St.

Peiman Khosravi

EP Trio
Television Sky
electroacoustic trio

Cathy Lane
The Hebrides Suite

David Berezen
for tape and surround sound

Peter Swendsen
Nothing that is not there...
bass drum and electronics

Lauren Hayes
prepared piano and eletronics

Theodore Lotis
Underwater theories

Friday June 17
8:30 Greenwich House Music School, 224 West 30th St.

Travis Ellrott

Min Kyu Kim
Deux regards amplified cello and quadraphonic sound

Ambrose Seddon
The nowness of everything

Brona Martin

Jorge Variego
For saxophone and piano

John Oliver
Just Interference
tape, surround sound

Joao Pedro Oliveira
piano and tape with surround sound

11:00 - 1:00 Late Night Concert
culturefix, 9 Clinton St.

Levy Lorenzo
Ampaction, FM Kohala
Percussionist + performer on live electronics

Valerie Opielski

Michael T. Bullock

Roy C
Saturday June 18
8:30 Greenwich House Music School, 224 West 30th St.

Mungo Zhangruibo
Birth & Rebirth
guqin, video, and electronics

Eleazar Garzon

Maggie Yue
You Zi Yin

Benjamin O'Brien
All two clarinet
clarinet and electronics

Visa Kuoppala

Manuella Blackburn
Karita oto
tape and surround sound

Catherine Clover
Calling the birds video

11:00 - 1:00 Late Night Concert
culturefix, 9 Clinton St.

Phillip Stearns

Elad Schniderman Here, hear
Dancer + live electronics

D. Andrew Stewart

Seongah Shin