Preliminary Conclusions

Le Traité est une étape. Même pour la notion d'objet, il n'a pas voulu apporter un point final.(...)le Traité ne parle pas des objets en fonction, il considère les choses sous l'angle de l'observation et non sous l'angle de l'activité2.5.

Hence, the reception of Wiggen's and Schaeffer's method in EMS and GRM, was quite different from what they expected from composers. As a further step, this research will examine the reception of their proposal at those institutions drawing attention to the relativity of artistic achievements according to the technology, the research as well as the culture.


... l'activit\'e2.5
The treatise is the first step however it didn't make a final point for the concept of sound object.(...) the treatise doesn't talk about objects in practice, it considers them into the perspective of observation, the object is not situated in an operational context.
adrian 2015-06-03