James Mooney

James Mooney is a lecturer in Music Technology at the University of Leeds, where he specialises in the history of electronic music. He currently holds the position of visiting Research Associate at The Science Museum, London, and has previously held positions as Edison Research Fellow at the British Library, and visiting researcher at the Stockhausen Foundation, Germany. In the early 2000s he designed and built multi-loudspeaker sound-diffusion systems for electroacoustic music performance, which are still used in the UK and abroad. The main focus of his current research is an exploration of the work of musician and musicologist Hugh Davies (1943-2005), in particular his self-built instruments and musicological research. Recent side projects include an article on music technology and affordance theory, and a book chapter exploring the work of the UK-based noise artist Filthy Turd. His research is currently funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

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