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I.B.R. Variation 3

Miha Ciglar



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In this paper I would like to introduce my recent composition: “I.B.R. Variation 3” (a composition for computer, electrified guitar, mixing board and human body), which is derived from three different projects: Illusions / Body mix / Resistance, fusing three different and already unusual interfaces for musical expression into a powerful new musical instrument. The piece is implemented by employing computers and common sound synthesis / processing techniques in combination with a rather primitive manipulation and misuse of low-tech analogue equipment. The main idea was to assign unusual tasks to usual pieces of musical “equipment”, transforming a mixing board into an oscillator (input connected with output), a guitar into a digital controller and a human body into a mixing board. All parts of the instrument eventually form a complex feedback chain, exposing a mix of original electro-acoustic material and feedback oscillations, to a continuous [: analogue / digital :] metamorphosis.