EMS Initiatives

EMS Network is responsible for the organisation of conferences.

As of 2006 the proceedings of the EMS Network conferences have been published. Participants who delivered a communication are asked to submit a final paper within a month after the conference. The publication is overseen by EMS Network, although the local organisers may be in charge of publishing it. The proceedings will be considered as peer-reviewed and may appear on paper with is ISBN number as well as downloadable in PDF format. Hosts are provided with a ‘Conference Organiser’s Kit’ which offers useful guidelines related to EMS events.

EMS Network members are informed of initiatives relevant to the field and receive discounts to EMS Network events and publications. What is EMS Network?.

EMS Network is considering the launch of a moderated email list in which postings can be made in English, French or both. The goal would be to stimulate discussion in the areas pertinent to electroacoustic music studies. A first step has been taken by EMSAN with the launch in 2008 of the emsan-l mailing list.