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Electroacoustic Music Studies - Some Thoughts and Possibilitie

Hasnizam Abdul Wahid

Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak


Involvement in various technology and art related performing activities for many years locally and at international level, has nurtured my interest in the pedagogical issues in music technology, particularly with reference to electroacoustic music.

Among those pedagogical issues, are how and what is the best way to accommodate students with no whatsoever musical background in music but with strong interest in electroacoustic music. What are the pre-requisite in understanding electroacoustic music? How can I introduce electroacoustic music, where the compositional approach is not immediately obvious? How much, and what are the technical and aesthetical modules? How about reference books for beginners? How can I teach my students to learn about those sounds, that we as composers defined as sounds good? How to define good and bad electroacoustic pieces?