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Hear Me Now: The implication and significance of the female composer’s voice as sound source in her electroacoustic music

Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner

University of North Texas


The paper complete with pictorial and musical examples is found at the following URL: http://cec.concordia.ca/econtact/8_2/Hinkle_Turner.html


In her writings about the role of the female voice in electroacoustic music, noted Dutch researcher Hannah Bosma has identified a variety of issues surrounding the compositional choices of those utilizing spoken and sung text in their work and has illustrated the differences of use in relationship to the chosen vocalist’s gender. Bosma exclusively focuses upon the musical works of men in her studies. Using Bosma’s research as inspiration this paper explores how women utilize their own voices both literally and symbolically in their electroacoustic music and also whether their treatment of the female voice in any way differs from the treatment of the female voice by their male counterparts. The paper uses the works of Pamela Z., Alice Shields, Christine Baczewska and Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner as examples of contrasting creative approaches.