EMS Proceedings and Other Publications

CHEARS: China Electroacoustic Resource Survey

Zhang Ruibo, Kenneth Fields



The presentation for EMS07 will consist of my master degree work related to the compilation of a Chinese Electroacoustic music bibliography. The bibliography is organised according to the scheme of the EARS categories. There are few books of originality related to the relatively new EA music discipline in China, but the bibliography does include related interdisciplinary areas of physics, acoustics and psychology that do historically have a literature base. The Chinese EA music bibliography, given its many significant gaps, is thus essentially an exceedingly useful map for future EA graduate research in China for the coming years ahead.

The more positive aspects that my research covers is an analysis of the EARS categories as perceived of from a Chinese musicological point of view. I’ve mapped out the complete EARS structure using a free software called Freemind and have conducted interviews with Chinese professors to get their comments. Furthermore, by beginning to work with the organisational structure of EARS, we will be able to migrate the bibliography seamlessly and translate the EARS site into Chinese.