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Incontri di fasce sonore by Franco Evangelisti. From the rebuilding to the analysis via synthesis process

Adriana Anastasia & Nicola Giosmin

University of Udine, Italy
Cherubini Conservatory, Florence, Italy


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This paper is the outcome of a work focused on the recreation and reproduction (viamodern digital techniques) of the score and tape of “Incontri di fasce sonore” (1956-57), the most important electro-acoustic work realised by the italian composer Franco Evangelisti in the WDR Studio in Cologne, following the process described by the composer. The results are: a complete automatic process for score/tape creation, which was an Evangelisti’s idea (not realised for obvious technical problems at his time); a new version of themusic piece (not a restoration); a new digital score exactly generated from the musical events (another Evangelisti’s problem); a complete critical revision of the original score (individuation of mistakes, ambiguities and problems); a deeper explanation of the structures and materials of the piece, from the “inner” side of it. The score and the new tape version are accompanied by a detailed analysis which not only explores the composer idea about the “historical and aesthetic necessity of score of electronic music”, but furthermore underlines Evangelisti’s research of new compositional laws (i.e. his concept of ’linear counterpoint’) based on new divisions of the acoustic space. Last but not least with this work we implemented a new set of software functions which can be useful also for other electro-acoustic works.