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Flux: Live-Acousmatic Performance and Composition

David Berezan

Music - School of Arts, Histories and Cultures
University of Manchester


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This paper presents research into a new live-acousmatic music composition methodology and sound diffusion performance practice. A primary aim is to investigate correlations between directed spatial distribution or trajectory of sound and introduced variability in timbre, structuring processes and temporal parameters in acousmatic music. The concern for sound exploration and timbral articulation is extended from the creation and collection of sound source, through to the manipulation and transformation of materials, to structuring process and performance. In doing so, a greater degree of variability in timbre, morphology, time and structure is introduced through a new performance practice in addition, and in relation, to variability of spatial articulation in sound diffusion. The research aims to support the composition and performance of a large-scale work and live-acousmatic methodology, resources and techniques. Research will be enabled by the development of a software-based environment that will facilitate the performance of live-acousmatic work, using MaxMSP software. A further outcome is to analyze the interconnectedness of live- acousmatic performance practice and compositional strategies and methodologies and to evaluate the effectiveness and suitability of different sound materials within live-acousmatic work.