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Computer Network Music Approximation to a far-scattered history

Miriam Akkermann

Miriam Akkermann, Berlin University of the Arts


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End of the 1970’s, members of The League of Automatic Music Composers started to work with connected computers, and were the first ones who entitled their music ‘computer network music’. 1986, The HUB was founded and became one of the most famous computer network music ensembles. Since then, an unclear number of computer network music projects were developed. The artistic and technological history of projects connected to computer network music was mainly examined in media art, internet art (net art), and web art. In computer music, there exits only a very small research.
In this paper, based on five aspects – terminology, a survey on the attention received by existing projects, established classification systems, ideational references, and an estimation of the general activity in computer network music – progressions, correlations, influences, and historic directions are outlined and discussed.

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