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Symphonie pour un Homme Seul – de-acousmatized (SPUHS-d)

Alexandre Sperandéo Fenerich, Giuliano Obici

Alexandre Sperandéo Fenerich, University of Juiz de Fora
Giuliano Obici, University of São Paulo


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In 2010 for the occasion of the Symphonie pour un homme seul’s 60th anniversary – the most emblematic work of the musique concrète – a live version performance of the piece was created in Rio de Janeiro. The version idealized by Rodolfo Caesar was attended by the collaboration of José Augusto Mannis, who transcribed for musical notation and conducted of the Persona’s group. Tracking the inverse way of the musique concrète, the version deprives from the original version its acousmatic feature. It made the sounds of the Symphonie – a piece originally created to be played by loudspeakers in a concert situation – visible by the presence of the musicians and their gestures on stage, playing several musical instruments (guitar, flute, electric guitar, percussion, prepared piano), objects (empty plastic bags, portable pick-ups, toy piano, even an emery) and sound foley elements (vocalized mimics, steps, among others).

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