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Four Small LLEAPPs for Electroacoustic Music Studies: Notes on performance strategies from a series of participatory electronic music workshops

Owen Green

Owen Green, Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh


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This paper will consider the conference theme of ‘Electroacoustic Music Beyond Concert Performance’ through the lens of a UK-based participatory electronic workshop for postgraduates and early career researchers that I have been involved in organising since 2009. These events go under the banner of ‘LLEAPP’ (there is cheerful fluidity about what the letters stand for, but at the last discussion it was Laboratory for Live Electronic Audio Performance Practice) and have been held four times in total: twice at the University of Edinburgh (2009, 2013), the University of Newcastle (2010) and the University of East Anglia (2011), with participants from a range of UK and European universities. Whilst the format has tended to shift slightly from event to event, the focus in each case has been on participants coming together and devising some performable music over the course of two or three days, as a basis for reflective practice-led research.

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