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Touching the Audience

Luca Forcucci

Luca Forcucci, Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre, De Montfort University – Leicester / UK
forcucci at gmail dot com


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The paper investigates the idea of dynamic relations of sound and space perceived and experienced by touch. Therefore, embodiment of sound through proprioception is explored. The study introduces the idea of art and electroacoustic music as an experience for dynamic perception behaviours. Spatial representations through mental imageries are discussed to determine how sound perception can be augmented in order to develop dynamic multimodal experiences in electroacoustic contexts.
In addition, relevant artists, who created new forms of experience through embodiment, are presented. The neo-concretist artists Lygia Clark and Hélio Oiticica are paramount in regards to ideas about participative art. The composer Marianne Amacher defined a body of work directly relating to architecture (structure borne sound), which allows the audience to embody the sound through space. Furthermore, she investigated physiological properties of the body, which become the sonic emitter and receptor. Whereas, Max Neuhaus’ sound installations (a term he defined), created situations between sound and space, in which the participants embody the works through water or while walking through them.
The paper starts with definition and contextualisation of the terminology of proprioception, haptics, mental imageries and deep listening. Then, case studies are introduced in relation to those terms, and future opportunities for electroacoustic contexts are discussed in the conclusion.

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