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Graphical Music Representations: A Comparative Study Based on the Aural Analysis of Philippe Leroux’s M..

Landon Morrison

Landon Morrison, McGill University / CIRMMT


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Acousmatic music poses a perplexing problem for the analyst – not only does it lack a notated score, it also utilizes a seemingly infinite sound palette made possible through the use of modern technology. Consequently, analysts must employ new tools capable of tackling musical issues that resist traditional theoretical approaches. Toward this end, my paper assesses recent developments in the field of electroacoustic music analysis by examining two software packages – Acousmographe and EAnalysis – both of which aim to offer powerful multimedia toolkits, such as visual sonograms and the ability to create graphical music representations. In order to facilitate a side-by-side comparison, I present excerpts from my aural analysis of Philippe Leroux’s acousmatic work, M.., using both software applications. Based on the results of this case study, I address the analytical implications of each program by bringing the two platforms into dialogue with one another and offering an analyst’s appraisal of their various strengths and weaknesses.

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