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The ElectroAcoustic Resource Site (EARS) : philosophy, foundation, and aspirations

Simon Atkinson, Leigh Landy

The ElectroAcoustic Resource Site (EARS) project has been established to provide resources for those wishing to conduct research in the area of electroacoustic music studies. EARS will develop in the form of a structured Internet portal supported by extensive bibliographical tools. The project will cite (or link directly to) texts, titles, abstracts, images, audio and audio-visual files, and other relevant formats.

During the first phase of its development, a dynamic glossary and accompanying subject index have been prepared. Commencing this year, the second phase will involve the development of the site’s bibliographical resources, searchable by subject area using the EARS index. For each entry a short abstract will be offered, further assisting the user in finding and selecting relevant sources. Furthermore, a multi-lingual thesaurus will be created. The site is intended to bring into balance music-theoretical, aesthetic and contextual information concerning the quantum leaps this music represents with the generally more accessible and widespread technical debates.

The talk will be presented in three parts. First, an outline of the project’s aims and philosophy will be offered. After this, its history-to-date will be presented. The future goals and aspirations of the EARS project will form the third section.