EMS15 - The Art of Electroacoustic Music - Sheffield

Alejandro Albornoz
Computer Music in Chile: The Beginning and some Paths to Nowadays – An historical review

Alyssa Aska
The displacement of agency and sound source in electroacoustic music as compositional approach in works including live performers

Christopher Haworth
Participation Over Belonging: Analysing Microsound Using Digital Methods

Florence Lethurgez
Words on Words: Interviews with electroacoustic music composers about the written presentation of their works

Tullis Rennie
Recording, Representation & Responsibility: questions of authorship and agency when field recording for electroacoustic composition

Yiorgis Sakellariou
What’s really going on here?

Simonetta Sargenti
An example of evolution in electroacoustic music performance: Stockhausen’s Solo and the creation of a soundscape

Eldad Tsabary
Aural atoms and structures: From electroacoustic ear training to analysis and back again

Riccardo Wanke
A cross-genre analysis of the (ec)static music

Viviane Waschbüsch
The influence of Tibetan Buddhism in the work of Eliane Radigue