EMS17 - Communication in/through Electroacoustic Music - Nagoya

Miriam Akkermann
Beyond practice? Tracing cultural preferences in mixed music performances

Andrew Blackburn
The representation of the electronics in a musique-mixte environment: analysing some ontological and semiotic solutions for performance

Manuella Blackburn
Other people’s sounds: examples and implications of borrowed audio

Jeremy Corral
On the difficulty to consider as a continuity the production of the NHK electronic music studio

Jean-Louis Di Santo
Six Japanese gardens by K. Saariaho: eastern and western temporalities

Marin Escande
The tape music of Jikken Kôbô 実験工房 (Experimental Workshop): Characteristics and specificities in the 1950s

Katt Hernandez
Psychogeography and Psycho-sonic Cartography: The creation of Ephemeral Place through Electroacoustic Music

Martin Link
Thema Omaggio a Joyce – Expression as a meaning

Chenhan Liu
Overview of Types and Researches of Data Controllers in Interactive Electronic Music

Nicolas Marty
Conceptual Intentions as a Basis for Listening to Acousmatic Music

Yoko Momiyama
Acoustic Expression of Japanese Special Morae in Singing from the Viewpoint of Word-Setting and Reflection for Electroacoustic Music

Jean Penny
(Re)notating cultural identities through musique-mixte: A reflection of heterotopian constructs in performance

Mengjie Qi
Network Music Performance over IPv6: Two Years CERNET2 Project to Create a Large Scale Piece

Judith Romero Porras
Murmullos del Páramo: rethinking Julio Estrada’s opera through Zeami’s theater Nô aesthetics

Simonetta Sargenti
Analysis of electroacoustic and interactive music works: Solo by Karlheinz Stockhausen, an example of performance analysis

Aya Shimano-Bardai
Terminological discourses in the field of sound art

Eiko Shiono
The role of the performer in the elctroacoustic music – around the mixed music and the real-time elctronic music –

Noora Tienaho
Adorno and Electronic Music

Germán Toro Pérez, Lucas Bennett
Spatial concepts and performance practice. On the impact of evolving sound diffusion standards on electroacoustic music

Wanjun Yang, Xiyue Zhang
The culture characteristics under oriental context of chinese electronic music composition – take two pieces by Lu Minjie as examples

Reiko Yoshida
Musique concrčte and dance: Pierre Henry’s collaboration with Maurice Béjart

Ivan Zavada, Dale Keaveny
The Xenophone, an electroacoustic representation of intercultural communication trends on social media