EMS21 Proceedings

EMS21 Conference

Theme: Future Directions of Electroacoustic Music Studies

10-13 November 2021

Music, Technology and Innovation – Institute for Sonic Creativity (MTI2) De Montfort University (Leicester, UK)

At last – welcome to EMS21! The theme for this conference is ‘Future Directions on Electroacoustic Music Studies’. The word, future, indeed played a major role as the conference was twice postponed due to the Covid 19 pandemic and has ended up becoming a ‘mixed’ event involving people in Leicester as well as those joining online.

EMS20, as the event was originally called, was brought to Leicester to celebrate the simultaneous birthdays of the MTI2 Institute for Sonic Creativity (20th) and the Cambridge University Press journal, Organised Sound (25th) which is based at the MTI2. Sixteen months later the celebrations will take place be it still under the shadow of a unique and challenging period.

Nonetheless, the event will present ca. 50 papers including two exciting keynotes from Georgina Born and Simon Emmerson (who became an Emeritus Professor at DMU earlier this year), and cultural events on and off campus showcasing, amongst other works, the broad diversity of aesthetics present at MTI2.

The conference convenors and other members of the Scientific Committee were thrilled by both the quality and quantity of submissions and were only saddened when a few were unable to attend/present their work given current circumstances, including some speakers whose work was very much on-theme. Hopefully these will feature at a future EMS event.

For those attending, one of Leicester’s greatest characteristics is its multi-cultural ethos. Many schools have students representing well over sixty languages, for example. This ethos is represented in many ways, not least the presence of excellent food crossing cuisines of all continents which will be a major plus for those attending in Leicester.

We wish you a fulfilling and exciting EMS21.

Leigh Landy llandy@dmu.ac.uk
James Andean james.andean@dmu.ac.uk


Download papers: https://zenodo.org/communities/electroacoustic-music-studies-network/?page=1&size=20

YouTube playlist (conferences and concerts): https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLz5TYwDqMymmoO9hZGQKRgY0IC4dWLWAc

List of papers:

- Chrónos and Kairós in electroacoustic music - Avantaggiato Massimo Vito

- Representation of performance and expressive meanings in Mantra for two pianos and live electronics by Karlheinz Stockhausen - Sargenti Simonetta

- Perceptual factors contributing to the identity of sound gestures - Sven-Amin Lembke Sven-Amin

- Memory, flux, wayfinding (in future electroacoustic music studies) - Emmerson Simon

- "Once-in-a-lifetime Experience of Mind-body Transformation" with Live Electronics - Tanihara Sachi

- Identifying modes of interaction in dance-music collaborations - Moriaty Manoli

- A Listening Art - Lautour Reuben de

- Ambient Intelligence in Electroacoustic Music: Towards a Future of Self-Organising Music - Kollias Phivos-Angelos

- Reaching out and beyond: Creating a legacy for sound-based creativity in primary schools - Holland David

- The Pastoral & the Acousmatic in Christina Kubisch’s Five Electrical Walks - Chaves Joseph

- Anacoustic Modes of Sound Construction: Toward a Practice - Seaback Robert

- Acousmatic, invisible, ontology - Di Santo Jean-Louis

- Chrónos and Kairós in electroacoustic music - Avantaggiato Massimo Vito

- Towards a Response-able Electroacoustic Composition Practice in Search of Sympoietic Multivalence: Entangling with More-Than-Humans - Uçanok Fulya

- Patterns of emergence: musical form over feedback - Thomasi Ricardo; Faria Regis R. A.

- Variability and the spatial setting: emergent properties and sound relationships in acousmatic music - Seddon Ambrose

- Expanding the classification of narrative phenomena in electroacoustic music: from intra and inter musical narrative to performative and dramatised-performative narrative - Savva Dimitrios

- Reconnections: Electroacoustic Music & Modular Synthesis Revival - O Connor Neil

- The canon of electroacoustic music – a possible concept? - Link Martin

- Techniques and Terminology for the Analysis of Electroacoustic Music and More - Fabbri Fabio

- S.O.A.P.: Making clean our compositional practice - Dawkins Bea

- Inside computer music: analyzing the interaction of technology and musical creativity - Clarke Michael; Dufeu Frédéric; Manning Peter

- New Directions in Soundscape-based Sound-Art: Hybridising Autoethnography with Computational Analysis - Barrett Natasha

- Voice type and speech sound type: Two analytical categories proposed for characterisation of acousmatic pieces that include vocal materials - Albornoz Alejandro

- Soundscapes for experiencing architecture in virtual reality – elements and considerations - Rudi Jøran

- From AI Enabling Sound Spotting to Zeitgeist Incorporated into EMS: A potential A – Z regarding the future of our field of Electroacoustic Music Studies - Landy Leigh