EMS21 Proceedings

EMS21 Conference

Theme: Future Directions of Electroacoustic Music Studies

10-13 November 2021

Music, Technology and Innovation – Institute for Sonic Creativity (MTI2) De Montfort University (Leicester, UK)

At last – welcome to EMS21! The theme for this conference is ‘Future Directions on Electroacoustic Music Studies’. The word, future, indeed played a major role as the conference was twice postponed due to the Covid 19 pandemic and has ended up becoming a ‘mixed’ event involving people in Leicester as well as those joining online.

DMU Coordinators

Leigh Landy llandy@dmu.ac.uk
James Andean james.andean@dmu.ac.uk


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List of papers:

- Voice type and speech sound type: Two analytical categories proposed for characterisation of acousmatic pieces that include vocal materials - Albornoz Alejandro

- Chrónos and Kairós in electroacoustic music - Avantaggiato Massimo Vito

- New Directions in Soundscape-based Sound-Art: Hybridising Autoethnography with Computational Analysis - Barrett Natasha

- Electroacoustic Music as Embodied Cognition: ecological grammars, image schemas and conceptual blending in timbre and compositional structure - Brian Bridges

- The Pastoral & the Acousmatic in Christina Kubisch’s Five Electrical Walks - Chaves Joseph

- Inside computer music: analyzing the interaction of technology and musical creativity - Clarke Michael; Dufeu Frédéric; Manning Peter

- Beauchamp’s Tenth Horse; Corwin, Reed, and Stoppard on Electroacoustic Music and Radio Sound Effects - Troy Cummings

- S.O.A.P.: Making clean our compositional practice - Dawkins Bea

- Acousmatic, invisible, ontology - Di Santo Jean-Louis

- Memory, flux, wayfinding (in future electroacoustic music studies) - Emmerson Simon

- Techniques and Terminology for the Analysis of Electroacoustic Music and More - Fabbri Fabio

- Reaching out and beyond: Creating a legacy for sound-based creativity in primary schools - Holland David

- Ambient Intelligence in Electroacoustic Music: Towards a Future of Self-Organising Music - Kollias Phivos-Angelos

- From AI Enabling Sound Spotting to Zeitgeist Incorporated into EMS: A potential A – Z regarding the future of our field of Electroacoustic Music Studies - Landy Leigh

- A Listening Art - Lautour Reuben de

- The canon of electroacoustic music – a possible concept? - Link Martin

- Identifying modes of interaction in dance-music collaborations - Moriaty Manoli

- Sound as Synthesis: technological listening and intra-faces of sound - Erik Nyström

- Reconnections: Electroacoustic Music & Modular Synthesis Revival - O Connor Neil

- Soundscapes for experiencing architecture in virtual reality – elements and considerations - Rudi Jøran

- Representation of performance and expressive meanings in Mantra for two pianos and live electronics by Karlheinz Stockhausen - Sargenti Simonetta

- Expanding the classification of narrative phenomena in electroacoustic music: from intra and inter musical narrative to performative and dramatised-performative narrative - Savva Dimitrios

- Anacoustic Modes of Sound Construction: Toward a Practice - Seaback Robert

- Variability and the spatial setting: emergent properties and sound relationships in acousmatic music - Seddon Ambrose

- Perceptual factors contributing to the identity of sound gestures - Sven-Amin Lembke

- "Once-in-a-lifetime Experience of Mind-body Transformation" with Live Electronics - Tanihara Sachi

- Patterns of emergence: musical form over feedback - Thomasi Ricardo; Faria Regis R. A.

- Towards a Response-able Electroacoustic Composition Practice in Search of Sympoietic Multivalence: Entangling with More-Than-Humans - Uçanok Fulya