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Iracema de Andrade - Temporal convergences in mixed electro-acoustic works.

Marianela Arocha and Adina Izarra - Relationships between instrumental music and Electronic resources in the Venezuelan repertoire of mix music

Manuella Blackburn - Composing from spectromorphological vocabulary: proposed application, pedagogy and metadata

Bruno Bossis - FIELD: A Film ond Video database as a Musicology Source on Electroacoustic Music

Jean Bresson and Carlos Agon - Synthèse sonore et composition musicale: Problématiques et outils d'écriture électroacoustique

William Brunson - Text-Sound Composition – The Second Generation

Carlos López Charles - Transduction between Image and Sound in Compositional Processes

Michael Clarke - Extending Interactive Aural Analysis: Acousmatic Music

Ricardo Dal Farra - Re-thinking the gap. Electroacoustic music in the age of virtual networking

Vania Dantas Leite- Music-Video: a new musical genre

Jean- Louis Di Santo - L’acousmoscribe, un éditeur de partitions acousmatiques

Arne Eigenfeldt - Future Intelligence in Live Electroacoustic Music.

Simon Emmerson - Personal, local, universal – where are we?

Alireza Farhang - Electronic Music in Iran: Tradition and Modernity

Gary S. Kendall - Listening to Art: Aural Cognition in Electroacoustic Music

Leigh Landy - Increasing Access to Sound-based Music – www.e-EMS

alcides lanza - ...I saw Henri Chopin dans la rue Saint-Laurent...

Claudio Lluán, Gabriel Data and Luis Tamagnini - A theoretical and aesthetics approach to the study and practice of mixed Electroacoustic Music: a pedagogical proposal.

Tatjana Böhme-Mehner - On the Sense and Non-Sense of Talking about “Heritage” in the Study of Electroacoustic Music

Flo Menezes - New means, old meanings

Rosemary Mountain - Auditory Scene Analysis and Electroacoustics

Garth Paine and Jon Drummond - Developing an Ontology of New Interfaces for Realtime Electronic Music Performance

Jøran Rudi - Welcoming change

David Rylands - Concrete Abstraction: Reflections on Sound Recording for Acousmatic Composition

Daniel Schachter - Acousmatic discourse and sound projection under the new multichannel surround formats. Past, current and future.

Michelle Stead - Examining Intention and Reception in Electroacoustic Music: An Empirical Enquiry and Post-structural Analysis

Ian Stevenson - Towards an Understanding of Confusion

D. Andrew Stewart - Digital Musical Instrument Composition: Limits and Constraints
multichannel surround formats. Past, current and future