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Keynote: Tatjana Böhme-Mehner

Picking up the first of the questions Simon Emmerson posed in the title of his paper given in Leipzig in 2007: Where is 'the work' of electroacoustic music?, the text asks the question: What makes a piece of music an "art work", and what especially in the sphere of electroacoustic music? It is the intention of this keynote to discuss on the one hand the phenomenology of the concept of the "art work" more generally and on the other hand to ask, when and why it appears in which way during the history of electroacoustic composition. For this last purpose we go back far in history: To the concepts of radiophonic music and the engineers of the very early electric and electronic music instruments; to Herbert Eimert and Karlheinz Stockhausen, Pierre Schaeffer and Luigi Nono, but also to the pioneers of Fluxus. We move to the present and wonder - having a side look at popular music trends - why so many musicians feel this strong obligation to create art works. Thus the talk is first of all a kind of critical discussion about the role and power of aesthetic reflection in the world of sound.