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Concerts are part of the Sound Junction series from the University of Sheffield Sound Studios. All concerts start at 18:00 and are in the Drama Studio. All concerts are free admission.

The concert programme can be downloaded here (455Kb programme booklet)

Evening Concerts: Concerts begin at 18:00
Concert 1: 23.06.15Concert 2: 24.06.15Concert 3: 25:06:15
Dimitris SavvaAdrian MooreAlistair MacDonald
Caterina McEvoyAdam StansbieLouise Rossiter
Paul FretwellAnnette Vande GorneRobert Dow
Dale PerkinsChris Bevan
Alejandro AlbornozVanessa Sorce-Lévesque
Neal FarwellPete Stollery

Rehearsal timetable
Rehearsal schedule Tuesday 23rd:
System assistant morning - Adam Stansbie
System assistant afternoon - Chris Bevan
10:00 Dimitris
11:00 Alejandro
12:00 Caterina
14:00 Paul
15:00 Neal
16:00 Dale
Rehearsal schedule Wednesday 24th:
System assistant morning - Adrian Moore
10:00 Annette
15:00 Adam
16:00 Adrian
Rehearsal schedule Thursday 25th:
System assistant morning - Stephen Pearse
System assistant afternoon - Martin Curtis-Powell/Adrian Moore
10:00 Chris
11:00 Louise
12:00 Vanessa
14:00 Robert
15:00 Alistair
16:00 Pete

Concert Ushers
Concert 1. Tuesday 23rdChris Bevan
Isaac Baggaley
Concert 2. Wednesday 24thJonathan Higgins
Jordan Platt
Concert 3. Thursday 25thChris Hobbs
Stephan Theofanous

We are absolutely delighted to have as our guest composer, Annette Vande Gorne from Brussels. Annette is suitably a crowned pioneer of electroacoustic music, composing, teaching and importantly, reflecting upon and documenting the art of electroacoustic music. The electroacoustic community owes her a huge debt of gratitude for her belief in and unswerving loyality to the development of the acousmatic tradition. (Adrian Moore, Adam Stansbie).

Vande Gorne image Annette Vande Gorne: Classical music studies at the Royal Conservatory of Mons and Brussels and with Jean Absil (Fuga, instrumental composition). Electroacoustical composition with Guy Reibel and Pierre Schaeffer at the Paris National Conservatory. She founded Musiques & Recherches, launched several series of concerts and an acousmatics festival L'Espace du son, after assembling a 80-loudspeaker system, an acousmonium. She is the editor of the musical aesthetics review Lien. Founded the international composition competition Metamorphoses Director of electrodoc one of the most complete resources on electroacoustic music. Vande Gorne gives numerous spatialized acousmatic music performances, both of her own works and the works of international composers. She teaches electroacoustic composition in Belgium and directs a degree programme in electroacoustic studies at the Royal Conservatorie. Her music generally aims to create an abstract and expressive non-anecdotic musical language. The relationship between Text and Music is an other domain of research. She finished an acousmatic Opera yawar fiesta in 2012 with the poet Werner Lambersy, which renews electroacoustic music's ties with the past.
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