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A revision of the TARTYP published by Pierre Schaeffer

Robert Normandeau

Robert Normandeau, Faculté de musique, Université de Montréal


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Over the last 10 years I have taught the course on auditory perception at the faculty of music of Université de Montréal. This subject is one of the oldest within the electroacoustic music program. Even before the program has been officially launched in 1980, Marcelle Deschênes was already teaching it (and had already done so in Québec City in the 70’s). Francis Dhomont succeeded her in the 80’s and after two or three different lecturers, in 1999, I was put in charge of the esthetics of the electroacoustic music courses. Originally named Perception auditive (Auditory Perception), one of the main courses is now — since 2003 — called Typologie et morphologie sonore. The course content includes the Pierre Scheaffer’s typology and morphology, as well as the typology of soundscape by R. Murray Schaffer and the different writing techniques used in electroacoustic music (transmitted by Francis Dhomont before he returned to France). The general idea is to give the students a lexicon of words and tools to describe the sounds.

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