EMS10 - Teaching Electroacoustic Music: Tools, Analysis, Composition - Shanghai

Adam Basanta, Arne Eigenfeldt
Typological Analysis of Gesture Interaction in Acousmatic Music

Christian Eloy
Teaching composition in electroacoustic music, not exactly a straight line… but, a true musical and human adventure

Sanne Krogh Groth
Communicating EAM: Aesthetics vs. rhetoric

Volkmar Klien, Thomas Grill, Arthur Flexer
Towards Automated Annotation of Acousmatic Music

Yuriko Hase Kojima
Meanings in Making Music: Has Composing Changed with Technology?

Leigh Landy
Educating students in electroacoustic music studies: What does this consist of and how can we best deliver it?

Jia Li
On the Characteristics of Electronic Music Composition Thinking in Acoustic Media - From Composes Who Explored in The Field of Electronic Music Creating China’s Contemporary Electroacoustic Music

Jeffrey Martin
Electroacoustic music in middle and secondary education: Some concerns regarding curriculum development

Stephen McCourt
Aesthetics of Multimedia and Visual Concepts in Electroacoustic Music

Robert Normandeau
A revision of the TARTYP published by Pierre Schaeffer

James O’Callaghan, Arne Eigenfeldt
Gesture transformation through electronics in the music of Kaija Saariaho

Qing Shao
A Primary Research to Sound Organization and Structure of Dialog/ No Dialog by Pierre Jodlowski