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Dramaturgy of sound, mobile sound and digital garden as grounding concepts of multimedia works

Simonetta Sargenti

Simonetta Sargenti, Conservatorio Gioacchino Rossini, Pesaro


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This project is focused on the analysis of some aspects of the last compositions of Luigi Nono to detect the elements that can contribute to the dissolution of the idea of ‘concert’ towards a new concept of multimedia work.
The multimedia installations more and more present as an art form of our time are a meeting point for the dissolution of the idea of ‘concert’ in music domain and at the same time of a definite idea of ‘built space’ in architecture.
We will try here to show what are the characters of Nono’s ‘dramaturgy of sound’ which can form the premise of the next philosophy of multi-media installations by analysing some aspects of his last works.
In architecture domain as well we can find analogous ideas, for example the ‘aesthetic of atmosphere’ that we can connect to ‘dramaturgy of sound’ grounding a new conception of musical and visual event.

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