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Memory. An Approach for Decentring the Historiography of Electroacoustic Music

Pablo Cuevas

Pablo Cuevas, Universität zu Köln (Germany)


Most historiographical discourses about electroacoustic music have been written following technological criteria and focussing mainly on the geocultural centres in which the Western musical canon was formulated. In this context, the presence of electroacoustic music of Latin American origin is silenced or reduced to a peripherical reference. In this paper, I propose a model for the construction of a historical narrative of electroacoustic music using the concept of medialized cultural memory. The goal of this model is to decentre historical discourses using a multiperspectivistic historiographical approach which integrates different voices equally. In this sense it will be shown, how some electroacoustic music of Latin American origin can be analytically interrelated with features of Karlheinz Stockhausen ́s Telemusik (1966) and Hymnen (1966–1967).


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