EMS18 - Electroacoustic Music: is it still a form of experimental music? - Florence

Felipe de Almeida Ribeiro
Musings on the Democratic Potential of Fixed-Media electroacoustic music

James Andean
Questioning the ’Experimental’: Electroacoustic Improvisation as ’Experimental’ case study

Massimo Vito Avantaggiato
The Visible and the Invisible

Eraldo Bocca, Dante Tanzi
Showing the acousmatic sounds through the mobile acousmonium AUDIOR

Martha Brech
Composed Space in Luigi Nono’s Live-Electronic Composition Prometeo

Joe Cantrell
The Timbre of Trash: Rejecting Obsolescence Through Collaborative New Materialist Sound Production

Pablo Cuevas
Memory. An Approach for Decentring the Historiography of Electroacoustic Music

Simon Emmerson
Electroacoustic Music before Language

Daniela Fantechi
Systema Naturae, by Andrea Valle and Mauro Lanza, experimentation as starting point of a piece of “acoustic computer music”

Martin Flašar
Standing on the river bank: Electroacoustic music between tradition and innovation

Marij van Gorkom
Crafting the patch: Composer-performer collaboration at the interface between experimentation and skill

Owen Green, Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, Gerard Roma
Interdisciplinary Research as Musical Experimentation: A case study in musicianly approaches to sound corpora

Katt Hernandez
Travels through the Electronic Music Timescape

Yuriko Hase Kojima
Masahiro Miwa’s “Gesänge des Ostens”: Intersection of Technology and Tradition

Mathieu Lacroix
Deux Ex Machina: Methods, Processes and Analysis of Mixed Music

Florence Lethurgez
What is communicating for an electroacoustic music composer?

Marcelo Carneiro de Lima
What was Left From Experimentation? A Discussion on the current role of Electroacoustic Music to the New Generation of Sonic Artists in Brazil

Martin Link
Immediate constituent analysis as a future model of electroacoustic music theory

Eric Maestri
The Fourth Phase of Electroacoustic Music and the Intimate Transformation of the Sonic Experience

Filipa Magalh„es
A proposal of analysis for music-theatre works with electroacoustic. The case of Double by Constança Capdeville

Per Anders Nilsson
Notions of Experiments in EAM

Andreia Nogueira
Examining the future of born-digital musical works. A survey on Portuguese composers’ preservation practices

Jean Penny, Andrew Blackburn
Cultures, Chance, Electroacoustic Spaces: Exploring performance aspects of Cage’s ________, ________ ________ CIRCUS ON ________.

Luisa Santacesaria
TRK. SOUND CLUB: a case of experimental music concert season

Simonetta Sargenti
Listening and analyzing electroacoustic music: sound analysis, gesture and communication of emotions

Steven Naylor
Sound Design and Electroacoustic Music: Practices or Perspectives?

Jan Urbiks, Anna-Lena Vogt, Martha Brech
Analysing Experimental Techno