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Crafting the patch: Composer-performer collaboration at the interface between experimentation and skill

Marij van Gorkom

Marij van Gorkom, Music, Technology and Innovation – Institute for Sonic Creativity
De Montfort University, Leicester UK


Drawing on my own experience in practice, this paper examines issues that performers encounter in rehearsing with a patch operated by the composer. Following the work of Emily Payne I characterise musical performance as a craft practice. From Tim Ingold’s work on skilled practices I extract a number of key qualities that are essential to the performer’s craft. These qualities allow me to resolve difficulties performers encounter in rehearsing with a patch. I show that, typically, the composer’s approach to the patch in rehearsal does not satisfy the qualities of a skilled practice. I propose that, if we change the way we relate to the patch in rehearsal to fit a skilled practice, performers will be better enabled to practice their craft.


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