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Deux Ex Machina: Methods, Processes and Analysis of Mixed Music

Mathieu Lacroix

Mathieu Lacroix, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
Trondheim, Norway


This paper presents the author’s doctoral research project in the field of mixed music. The term mixed music has often caused confusion and has many different connotations. Therefore, it is imperative to establish a common definition and limitation for the boundaries of this project. Mixed music is a rather difficult term to define, and different authors have defined it in several different ways (Tiffon, 1994 and Teruggi, 2016 among others). For this project, I will use a narrow understanding of the term and focus on mixed music as a type of mainly through- composed concert music taking elements of both art music and acousmatic music with live performers playing acoustic instruments, and electronics. This definition thereby excludes improvised electronic music, popular music or music played on electronic instruments. My understanding of the term mixed music is the crossing point between sound-based and note- based music, inheriting the possibilities and problems of both sound worlds.

The main aim of this project is to analyze and understand mixed music in terms of the different technologies and methods that allow composers and performers to use electronics and their influence by looking at three main elements: the score/composition, the performance and the electronics/technology. This can be separated into the following sub-aims:

  1. To further develop a theoretical framework which allows people to discuss and analyze mixed music based on the current literature
  2. To understand how synchronization strategies play a part in the compositional process
  3. To investigate performative aspects of synchronization strategies in the repertoire


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