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Analysing Experimental Techno

Jan Urbiks, Anna-Lena Vogt, Martha Brech

Jan Urbiks, Anna-Lena Vogt, Martha Brech
Audio Communication Group, Technical University Berlin


Experimental Music can be described as a compositional tendency in music that extends the boundaries of any predefined genre through the exploration of production techniques and the manipulation of sound. It incorporates elements of unpredictability, nonlinearity in structure, as well as having a research character. In this sense, the genre Techno is experimental, its name originating from the technological progress in production and sound, bringing forth numerous variants and styles.

In this paper we will show three analyses of avantgarde Techno productions based on sonograms generated by the software eAnalysis. The analysis is focused on the musical impact and therefore includes the segmentation of the piece into sound layers, as well as the observation and description of the interactions between them. The key parameters found are rhythmic interactions of sound layers, rhythmic nonlinearity and the emergence of different “classical” form elements built by sound layers that “play” with the straight rhythmic base that Techno tends to be reduced to.


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