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Surviving the impossible. Facing the future, understanding our past. Some recent actions to preserve, document and disseminate electroacoustic music by Latin American composers

Ricardo Dal Farra

Electroacoustic music has in Latin America a long, interesting, strong, prolific and not very well known (even inside the region) development. Many composers born or living in Latin America have been very active on this field, and in some countries of the region experiences started around 50 years ago ; but availability of recordings and related information about electroacoustic music works in this region have been a problem either for educators, composers, performers, researchers or the general public.

As part of UNESCO’s Digi-Arts project "to promote information exchange in the field of electronic and digital arts..." I have been researching about historical aspects of Latin American electroacoustic music as well as compiling basic information about hundreds of composers involved with it. The report is being published on the UNESCO Digi-Arts portal, and also on The EMF Institute web site.

At the same time, I am working to develop an archive based on a large collection of electroacoustic music recordings by Latin American composers at the Daniel Langlois Foundation in Montréal (Québec), Canada. The Foundation will be making available online the data base for the musical archive as well as part of the music itself.

A lot of music is being lost, tapes and scores, also documentation about them. These two actions are only a couple of drops in the ocean, but even then I hope it could be of some help.