EMS13 - Electroacoustic Music in the Context of Interactive Approaches and Networks - Lisbon

James Andean
Electroacoustic Performance Practice in Interdisciplinary Improvisation

Alain Bonardi, Frédéric Dufeu
How Can We Model Behaviours of Digital Instruments? Propositions in fuzzy logic from Philippe Manoury’s works

Michael Clarke, Frédéric Dufeu, Peter Manning
TIAALS: A New Generic Set of Tools for the Interactive Aural Analysis of Electroacoustic Music

Simon Emmerson
Rebalancing the discussion on interactivity

Michael Gatt
The Online Repository for Electroacoustic Analysis project – a community approach to electroacoustic music analysis

Benoît Gibson, Makis Solomos
Research on the First Musique Concrète: The Case of Xenakis’s First Electroacoustic Pieces

Elena Hidalgo
Musical signification in acousmatic works: the case of Eduardo Polonio

Mikako Mizuno
Japanese Composers in GRM before 1970 – What did they bring to the Japanese Contemporary Music?

Mark Nerenberg
‘Structure Formation’: An Analysis of Electronic Superimpositions in Stockhausen’s Solo

Simonetta Sargenti
Interactions in a performance space: A changing landscape, an experience of an audiovisual installation