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In and about Stockholm
Information regarding arrivals in Stockholm and getting about the city is available in the pdf below. Download pdf here.

Arriving in Stockholm – Arlanda Airport
There are three alternatives to travel from Arlanda Airport to Stockholm city.

Arlanda Express Train
The train is accessed directly from the Arrivals Terminal and runs to the Stockholm Central Station in 20 minutes. Tickets are sold in special yellow machines as well as over the counter. An full price one-way ticket costs 260 SEK; a round trip ticket is 490 SEK, which is a modest savings.

Taxis are available outside the Arrivals Terminal. There are no organized queues for taxis; travelers are allowed to choose any taxi company.. Be sure to confirm the fixed price before departing from the terminal. A trip to the inner city or directly to the Hotel Mornington Bromma will cost around 500-600 SEK. We recommend the following taxi companies: Taxi Stockholm or Taxi Kurir.

Bus - Flygbussarna
Buses to Stockholm City terminal are available outside of the airport terminal. A full price one-way ticket costs 99 SEK.

Arriving in Stockholm – Skavsta Airport
Buses – Flygbussarna – to Stockholm City terminal are available outside of the airport terminal. A full price one-way ticket costs 149 SEK.

About public transportation - SL (Stockholms Lokaltrafik)
Stockholm has an extensive subway and bus system. Subways - Tunnelbana - are marked by a large blue letter "T". All subway lines are local and pass through T-Centralen.

Bus and Subway Tickets/Passes
Bus and subway tickets/passes are interchangeable (i.e. identical) and valid on all public transport, including some ferries. Economical alternatives to single tickets include "Förköpskuponger" (pre-paid strips) and one-day (115 SEK), three-day (230) or seven-day (300 SEK) travel passes.

Note: Tickets cannot be purchased directly on local buses. Tickets on pre-paid strips are valid for one (1) hour. Travel passes are valid at all times during the designated periods. Detailed information about SL-tickets is found here:

For additional information:

Stockholm is a wonderful city for walking, particularly during the summer season when days are long. A walk from The Royal College of Music (KMH) to Audiorama will take about 30-40 minutes; from KMH to Fylkingen and EMS, about 50-60 minutes.

Getting to Hotel Mornington Bromma
From Arlanda Airport
If arriving at Central Station via Arlanda Express (train) or by Flygbussarna (bus), the simplest way to get to the Hotel Mornington Bromma is taxi. These are available to left of the arrival platform for Arlanda Express. If taking the bus, taxi connections can be reserved in advance by telling the bus driver upon boarding.

Returning to Hotel Mornington Bromma
Buses and subways run until approximately midnight.  Ask at the Reception Desk for more information. Sharing a taxi may be a convenient and efficient way to get back to the hotel later at night.

Getting to The Royal College of Music (KMH) - Conference Venue
The Royal College of Music is located at Valhallavägen 105 in the northerna part of central Stockholm. It is conveniently accessible by subway and bus.
Map of buildings: Overview map:

By Public Transport from Hotel Mornington Bromma
The hotel Reception Desk can supply both detailed instructions and sell tickets for public transportation. However, the hotel sells only pre-paid strips; travel passes must be bought from official vendors.

The following route involves one change from bus to subway:
(1) Once outside of the hotel, turn right and walk up the slight the hill to the bus stop (Voltavägen) on the same side of the street.
(2) Take Bus 176 or 177 to Danderyds Sjukhus (Danderyds Hospital).
(3) Change to Subway no. 14 (Red Line). This is the only line at this station. All subways are local; look for a sign showing T-Centralen hanging from the station ceiling, which indicates that the train is going to the inner city.
(4) From Danderyds Sjukhus go four stops to Stadion.
(5) The trip will take about 40-45 minutes.

By Subway to T-bana Stadion

The Royal College of Music (Kungl. Musikhögskolan) is served by the no. 14 line (Red line). The end stations is Mörby Centrum (to the north) and Fruängen (to the south). All subway trains are local. Take the Red line (#14) to the Stadion stop. Use the Valhallavägen exit. You will also see signs pointing in the direction of Musikhögskolan.


The No. 4 bus (blue bus) stops at the subway station (Stadion) on Valhallavägen at at The Royal College of Music (KMH). The stop is called Musikhögskolan

Having arrived at Stadion

Once on the street at the subway or bus stop, look for a round apartment tower. Walk towards the tower. As you near the tower, turn left up a slight hill towards the main entrance. Red signs also mark the way.

Getting to Audiorama - Concert Venue, Tuesday 12 June
Audiorama is located on the island Skeppsholmen in Torpedverkstaden. Regardless of approach, one must pass in front of the Grand Hotel and National Museum to cross the bridge Skeppsholmsbron. After traversing the bridge, turn immediately to the left and follow the gravel path along the water through an opening in a brick wall. Continue along the waterside and docks to Audiorama, which is located in the old torpedo workshop on the right before getting to the parking lot of the Moderna Museet.

Getting to Elektronmusistudion (EMS) / Fylkingen - Concert Venue, Thursday 14 June
EMS is located on Södermalm at Söder Mälarstrand 61 on the waterfront side of The Munich Brewery (Münchenbryggeriet) by Lake Mälaren. Fylkingen is located in the same building at Söder Mälarstrand 27 but on the back side.

By Subway - T-bana Mariatorget
Take the Red line (either no. 13 or no 14) to Mariatorget. The end stations are either Norsborg (13) or Fruängen (14). All subway trains are local. At Mariatorget, exit onto Torkel Knutssonsgatan, turn right, head towards and cross Hornsgatan. Continue down the hill towards the lake; The Town Hall can be seen across the lake. Torkel Knutssongatan swings to the right at the bottom of the hill. Just prior to the turn, pass through a portal entrance on the left. Proceed through the parking lot towards The Munich Brewery (Münchenbryggeriet).The entrance to Fylkingen is on the right side of the small passage.
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