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The Role of Behaviour in the Analysis of Electroacoustic Music

Dante Tanzi

UniversitÓ Degli Studi di Milano, Milan, Italy


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The analytical discourse is based on two assumptions: that to some extent musical traits, forms and meanings can be considered stable, and that the application of a good rule-grid should produce reliable results. But acousmatic music pieces are often characterised by multiple-writings, to which the analyst has to oppose a plurality of reading strategies and suitable behaviours. This means not only reflecting on basic assumptions of a composition, dissecting musical materials and reviewing procedures, but it also means operating analytical choices based on declarative statements, strategies, and assessment. Analytical behaviours can relate either to a paradigmatic, legitimating proposition or to a personal, subjective conjecture. While creating different expectations, they imply choices in favour of behaviours that are destined to become carriers of particular cogence within the analytical discourse.