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The ElectroAcoustic Resource Site (EARS) approaches its next phase: going global and addressing the young

Leigh Landy


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The ElectroAcoustic Music Resource Site (EARS, http://www.ears.dmu.ac.uk) research team has completed a major phase of development and is about to embark on its further internationalisation as well as the creation of a significant new multi-faceted resource for people of all ages, in particular young people, who have little to no experience with this diverse musical corpus [1]. This paper summarises the project’s points of departure, significant recent developments and accomplishments and describes the exciting path ahead, not only focusing on EARS’ raison d’être as a resource hub, but also looking at the planned combination of didactic methods which will support: access to appreciating the music, interested parties’ first creative experiences as well as a holistic pedagogy to further understanding.

[1] Electroacoustic music is used here in its broadest sense referring to any music in which electricity has had some involvement in sound registrations and/or production other than that of simple microphone recording or amplification (EARS, first definition) thus including relevant forms of popular music.